Updates to recordtemps.in

Over the weekend I pushed some updates to the best temperature record browsing site around, recordtemps.in.

Here's what changed:

  • updated the database to use version 11.1 of ThreadEx
  • made the site SSL only using the wonderful Let's Encrypt by way of digital ocean's dead simple guide
  • gave the site a thermometer favicon
  • added monthly record highs and lows to each daily record page: recordtemps.in now shows monthly record high and low temperatures when viewing records for a specific day at a specific location
  • each page now links to /map which is a map of available locations for records

The map and monthly records are the most useful stuff. I put the map together shortly after I initially built the site but didn't link to it anywhere. I vaguely remember wanting to add something to it before linking to it from the rest of the site. Over time, I've forgotten exactly what I wanted to add. So I decided to link to it from everywhere as it's a useful way to browse available locations. The monthly records required some new code and a couple of new database queries. They add a little extra response time to each daily record page but not an obscene amount. The site is still fast so it's a worthwhile tradeoff.

All the code for the site is on github if you want to see how the site works or how the raw data is processed.