Derek Swingley

US tile map using CSS grid showing US News rankings for various categories. June 2019.

Search for parcels in San Diego County via address or APN. April 2019.

A simple react-based multi-city forecast app. October 2017.

Power generating stations in the US. Sourced from wikipedia, aggregated and mapped with Mapbox GL JS. November 2016.

Search "Mobility and Conditioning" workouts from a now-defunct gym. Workouts created by Emery Dawson. August 2016.

Browse record temperature data from 270 weather stations (ThreadEx data). May 2016.

MLB seasons as sparklines. February 2016.

Song gap averages by show for a buncha years. January 2016.

Ice in the Arctic over 3+ decades. Human Health and Climate Change challenge entry. August 2015.

Breweries in the greater San Diego area. Based on Bootleaf. July 2015.

San Diego neighborhoods. September 2014.

Map of crime data over five decades using d3. August 2014.

Small d3-based visualization of the most intelligent dog breeds. June 2014.

Save map click on Firebase. August 2013.

Motorcycle trip to Lake Tahoe. August 2013.

Motorcycle parking in downtown San Diego. Small-screen friendly. May 2013. Updated August 2016.

How well do you know state names and abbreviations? March 2013.

Country name game. February 2013.

Search for stuff to see/do. September 2012.

Map tiles from many different services. September 2012.

Photos from my holiday 2011 trip to New Zealand. January 2012.

Add random points to an OpenLayers-based map. April 2011.

Show map tile boundaries. April 2011.

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